Ice Technology Center

When painting ice arenas

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13 years of experience in ice technology
Own equipment and materials
Best value for money
under Federal law 44 and 223

Professionally from us!

Colouring of ice fields (hockey courts, curling fields, etc.)
Maintenance of ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
Sale and rental of equipment for painting ice fields
Adjustment of engineering equipment
Maintenance of ice array
Staff training



- Analysis of water treatment, with further use

- Recommendations for the operation of the ice mass

- Modifier (tester) for Ice Vision 3D as a gift

- Discounted purchase of related products

Completed Ice Projects
Types of activities:
Complex solutions for creating ice arrays:
1. Preparation of the black fill base
2. Painting a concrete slab with Ice Peak concrete paint
3. Casting of black and ice-surface colouring
4. Marking, placement of banners
5. Filling a modified layer of an ice mass
Maintenance of the ice mass and engineering systems:
1. We work according to routine maintenance to reduce energy costs
2. Creation of a modified ice sheet layer with improved physical and technical properties
3. Maintenance of ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration and engineering equipment
4. Sharpening services for Zamboni ice harvesters
5. Ice machine maintenance
On-site training of personnel in the following areas:
1. Creation and maintenance of ice masses
2. Creating an optimal climate in the ice arena
3. Maintenance of refrigeration and engineering systems
4. Efficient operation of refrigeration machines
5. Maintenance of the facility
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